Advanced Kindergarten


All Students Achieve at Archuleta
Every student deserves a quality, well-rounded education, and at Archuleta students receive it in a variety of ways with an emphasis in literacy, math, science and the arts. We support students in an environment of high expectations for student achievement and positive behavior. We value and nurture the diversity of culture and language that our students bring. Some of the programs we offer our students include:

  • Advanced and High Achievers” Program (K-5)
  • AVID College Preparatory Program for 4th and 5th Graders
  • Highly Gifted and Talented Magnet Program (K-5)
  • New Computer/Technology Lab with Full-Time Teacher
  • The Arts - Choir, Band, Visual Arts, and Shakespeare
  • Physical Education and Health classes
  • Jump Rope Club, “Sport Stacking” Teams, Running Club
  • Young Authors Conference
  • Intervention Specialists to help students
  • Tutoring and Enrichment Programs
  • Goldbug Reading Tutorial Program
  • IBM E-Mentor Program for 5th Grade Students
  • English Acquisition Program

Students Room

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Scruffy’s Corner
Work hard, get smart. ** Respect yourself and your teachers. ** Always do your best. ** Remember to read throughout the summer. ** Always check with mom and dad before going to a new web site. ** Eat lots of fruit and vegetables to make you smart. ** Be polite to your friends.