Advanced Kindergarten

Fifth Grade
The 5th grade team of Archuleta Elementary is committed to high expectations for every child, every day. We utilize a variety of programs such as AVID, a college preparatory program, and Balarat, an outdoor lab experience to reach all students. Our goal is to lay a foundation, so that when students continue on from Archuleta, they have the skills to take them through college and achieve their dreams.

  • Mrs. Corriere
  • Mr. Gonzalez
  • Mr. Lopez
  • Ms. Lott
  • Mrs. Stertz

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    Scruffy’s Corner
    Work hard, get smart. ** Respect yourself and your teachers. ** Always do your best. ** Remember to read throughout the summer. ** Always check with mom and dad before going to a new web site. ** Eat lots of fruit and vegetables to make you smart. ** Be polite to your friends.