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Our Mission
Every student enrolled in our school will excel in reading, writing, math, and science. Our educators will adapt their teaching styles to meet the different needs of all students at every level. We value the diversity of cultures and unique backgrounds represented in our community and the opportunities this diversity presents for new information and the expansion of our perspectives about our state, country, and world.

Safety is very important at our school. Please adhere to the proper drop off and pick up locations and use the provided cross walks when dropping off or picking up your student. Please click here to watch a short safety video that was designed to teach about before and after school safety. This video is available in english and spanish.

School Pride
The Colorado Board of Education named Archuleta a “Distinguished School” for our students’ academic improvement in CSAP test results for 2006-2007. Archuleta’s exceptional teachers and support staff offer our students a quality educational program. We integrate the core academic program with the arts, sciences and technology throughout the school day. Our strong parent and community involvement provides an integral role to the academic success of our students. Parents are actively engaged in academic support.

School Goals
The staff of Archuleta embraces the challenge to improve our student academic achievement by aligning our school's curriculum to strongly prepare our students to exceed the state's standards. By implementing the Denver Plan, providing professional growth opportunities with a clear focus and utilizing data teams to continually monitor and guide student growth, we are experiencing steady increases in student performance. Our Student Improvement Plan goal aims for a 10 percent increase of student achievement in the content areas as measured by CSAP.

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Scruffy’s Corner
Scruffy says, "If you have witnessed bullying in your classroom or in the halls, then you should tell  an adult immediately. Archuleta is a No Bully Zone!."

Archuleta Elementary School
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