School Programs
We expect a lot from our kids. We expect them to learn all they need to become productive members of the workforce, keeping the U.S. dominant in the global economy. We expect them to master challenging content in literacy, math, science and other subjects, while also developing their talents and creativity. We expect them to be healthy and mindful of the need to stay active.

Schools can't give kids all they need with just reading, writing and math. Archuleta uses school programs to supplement the education of its students. School Programs give kids more opportunities and help all kids to meet our expectations.

School Programs help kids develop to their fullest potential.

Programs Offered

  • Arts Program
  • AVID
  • Highly Gifted and Talented
  • Library Media Center
  • Math Nights
  • Physical Education
  • Recycling Program
  • Science Nights
  • Student Council
  • Summer Academy
  • Technology Program
  • Tutoring Program

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Scruffy’s Corner
Scruffy says, "If you have witnessed bullying in your classroom or in the halls, then you should tell  an adult immediately. Archuleta is a No Bully Zone!."