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Arts Program
At Archuleta Elementary, our students are held to high learning expectations. Archuleta’s arts program supports higher level thinking across the curriculum. Through the arts, students are provided with opportunities to engage in creative and cultural educational activities. Our parents and community requested that the funds from the Arts Mill Levy be directed toward classroom instruction in music and visual art primarily, with dance and drama as supplementary activities. These classes and activities support national, state and district arts standards as well as Archuleta’s School Improvement Plan. Our hope is that students find education through the arts meaningful and enjoyable, and that these experiences become part of their life-long learning.

Arts Programs Offered

  • Visual Arts
  • General Music
  • Archuleta Bulldog Choir
  • 5th Grade Band
  • Shakespeare Club

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Scruffy’s Corner
Scruffy says, "If you have witnessed bullying in your classroom or in the halls, then you should tell  an adult immediately. Archuleta is a No Bully Zone!."